Thursday, May 7, 2009

..>> the time has come, the walrus said <<..

no, i'm not talking about shoes, and ships and sealing wax.... i'm fairly certain there will be no cabbages or kings, but hopefuly i will be talking and i won't become laxidazical about updating this blog again.

that's a big fat lie, i'm sure i will, but i promise i will do my best.

the other day i went out for cinco de mayo... and being american and therefore completely ignorant, i had no clue what this holiday "drinking holiday" was all about. i just assumed it was an excuse for peole to go out and get shit faced. i mean, it is after all a mexican holiday primarily, and although there are a great deal of mexican immagrants living over here i didn't see the point in such due celebration. other than the basic consumption of tequila.

thankfully i was set straight though. i ended up going to a club called 15 south, in the srq, with a few people who frequent the gym i work out at. i wouldn't, by any means, call these people friends, and they are poor acquantences at best, but the prospect of a night where a) there will be free flowing tequila and b) i don't have to drive so i can enbibe said tequila, seemed to be a good idea.

as previously stated in this shoddy excuse for a blog, i never ever go out anymore. it was time to bust out the dancing shoes.

after having god knows how many drinks i get horranged by two dudes, which i'm not feeling... as i try to keep as low key as possible. i hate people looking at me, i dont like people hitting on... i'm werid that way, i don't find it flattering in the least. being seen as a peice of 'hot' meat makes my stomach churn. so i brush them off and go find sanctuary next to a lovely gay couple. they'll protect me as long as i give them my next free drink they say, and i agree.

it's here where i found out that cinco de mayo is all about taking pride in the mexican heritage!!! so while ultimately it should be a day to reflect and celebrate a culture, we're out drinking. yeahhh, it makes perfect sence. just another way in which we;ve lost ourselves.

anyway, i did have a good time for what it was worth. i got home entirely wayheyyyyysted, and decided this would be a good idea:

my poor dog. earlier that day i;d found what used to be my hat, and well... in my tequila haze at 3.30am, it seemed like an opportune time to play drink time dress up. i dont know if you can tell, but he has on a pair of my moms underwear as well HAHAHAHA.

all i can say is, this poor creature has far more patience than any boyfriend ever could. bless his cold wet doggy nose

with that being said, i often wonder what bailey would look like if he was human...


mahuahua said...

hahaha,ah nooo bailey!!!what has your mommy done to you?!!!x

kittenesque said...

i know. i am a hateful woman :p