Monday, May 11, 2009

..>> cocopuffs <<..

i'm watching kat williams' 'pimp chronicles' right now hahahaha. i lvoe him so much. his humour is very americanized, but i find him hilarious! does anyone know how to post a video on here? there is a poem i want to share via youtub, but it wont copy and paste the link thing. hmmmm
also i just wrote a long entry but when i uploaded this cute picture, most of it was deleted. and i am so tired now to retype it all. i will have to do so in the morning.
for now, i shall continue with my kat williams and his 'po' little tink tink' skit
the last motherfucking place you wanna be, is behind the mother fucker with no feets! hahaha

hope you all have pleasant snuggley nighttimes MWAH xxx

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mahuahua said...

awwwwwwwwww....mousey cuteness x

ps. the captcha says moffer.haha.