Wednesday, May 20, 2009

..>> for the fuzzydangledimes <<..

what hell is the crack fox actually trying to say there? when he say's 'that's my video for the night times... for the fuzzydangledimes.' is he actually saying fuzzydangledimes? it's no use, i'll have to watch that bajo playing freak in the morning haha. jermone <3

anywhoooo... i'm exhausted. physicaly, mentaly, emotionaly... i'm just pooped. alot of my friends have been going thru stuff and i;ve used immence amounts of energy being there for them. i dont mind, not at all... but it's left me so drained and incapable of dealing with my own emotions and such.
it's taking a tole on me physicaly as well. i've had this freaking relentless coldsore (i've only evr had 2 before and i was 16 lol), my body aches and i'got a laundry list of injuries.

  • heel spurs
  • repetative stress injury on my right knee
  • ankle rolling
all of which cause me great discomfort. the heel spurs are the worst by far, as it feels like i have a sledgehammers pounding the bottoms of my feet whenever i'm awake and moving... or standing still. rubbish feet. please chop them off and pickle them in a jar for me!!
i've been told that i can never again use risers during my step classes, as it will cause more damage to my knee. bleh, that kinda sucks but i'd rather have a working knee. and apparently the only thing for my feets is rest and loads of it. i don't see that happening for a long period of time, but tonight i've sat on my fat ass and watched 5 hours of the mr darcy in all his glory :D yes kids, pride and prejudice has made a comeback lol.
i really can't help but love it *swoon*

as well as my new necklace, my mom happened to get me a new pair of jeans :D

appologies for the blur factor, but you get the point i'm trying to make by this whole mirror experiment... and that is THEY A RE HUUUUUUUGE FLARES haha. also that i have muchos junko in the trunco :p
i've been after a pair of ginourmous slouchy type flares for ages, and voila. i think my mom kinda felt bad for me, bless her heart. my mom rules all the schools!

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mahuahua said...

aw that's so cute,i wish my mommy brought me stuff!...i love those jeans!!!!!
and you sound like you need snuggle times with me and the two furry boys xxxxxxx