Saturday, May 16, 2009

..>> blue and yellow <<..

i am listening the used's self titeled album, hence the silly blog title lol. when mack (not mike) and i broke up listened to this album obsessively... i like it much more now i don't identify with all the songs haha... it must be a slow day waking up, as it took me 3 minutes to think of the word 'identify' YIKES :/ hehe
i'd like tot ake a second to point out that my 3 serious boyfriends all had 4 letter names, and all started with 'M'. weird huh? mark, mack, mike. LOL fuck the emmmmms. apart from mikee :)

the other night i took my mommy out for chinese food, it was very good. a new place to us and cheap as chips! i crumbled my fortune cookie and this is what my fortune read: "love is a warm fire to keep the soul warm" silly chinese with their double usage of the word 'warm' lol, but can i just say, lateyl i have been getting increasingly warmer... i like it :) and day by day i think the fire grows. meeeeeep
managed to get some batteries in the camera so i could uplaod a few pictures. i managed to get this one just before the batteries died on friday, when i went to the beach. yet again :D

married to the ocean blue :)
i like strawberry flavoured things. nomz (don't ask why it is a weird size picture :/)

i dyed my roots FINALLY :D

i don't know what's going on with photobucket and their resizing things lately. stupid internety things haha. so now i have fresh black roots. phew. i hate the fact i have to really dye my hair every god damn week for it to be decent. not only is it a major amount of upkeep (otherwise my blonde roots growing in makes me look bald), it's getting super bad for my hair. having bleached it or dyed it almost every week since the age of 14, i am surprised it hasn't just all fallen out :/
it is getting thin though, which is most distressing. i am wondering if i should try some rogaine for women HAHAHA, see if that won't boost it out a bit :p short of going blonde, ickky, i dunno what to do. meh

maybe i should eat alot of black foods and hope it translates thru my hairs. yessss?


mahuahua said...

the used self titled too!!!!!and blue and yellow was my absolute favourite,also pieces mended<3
and your are frigging gorgeous!!!!!

samboy said...

you giant emo :P the used are rubbish! ;)

but you're not xxx