Sunday, May 10, 2009

..>> moominland <<..

i can't tell you how much i feel like snorkmaiden right now. seriously, i feel like a damn parade balloon with all the food i ate hahaha. it was mother's day here, and since i have no money i thought it would be a good idea to cook for my mama.
i started planning about a week ago. originally i was gogint o make a lovely indian feast, as it's hard to get good indian food here, if any. at 7.30 this morning she tells me she has a hankering for a burger, so off i go to market. i ended up making her turkey burglars with blue cheese, balsamic/thyme roasted baby bella mushrooms and caramalized onions, homemeade coleslaw and chilli spiced sweet potatoe fries. carrot cake to boot (which i am waiting for sma to make as well since i mailed her the recipe :D )
it took allllllllll day, as i made everything, including the freakin breadcrumbs from scracth. it was delicious though and we made right piglettes out of ourselves haha. seeeee?!

moms totaly brutal burger of doooom. it looks sloppy, cuz it is sloppy haha

mi madre on her second, yes second peice of carrot cake!!! looking well pleased too ha

other things of interest :

  • my best friend called me today. we talked for an hour, and decided i should knit her a scarf for her up coming birthday.
  • angela gave me her old computer desk WOOO and it's black. so it goes with my gothic boudoir thing i have going.
  • i have conflicted feelings about a certain situation, that makes my tummy flip but is not logical in the least. :/ confusing


mahuahua said...

i fort your mommy was a cat,as you are a kitten?ehehehe.and that food does look nummy indeed.
hooray for minge captchas!

kittenesque said...

if hers wasn't a gobbler one it would be nommy for all lol.
miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinge. i could so never be a lezbean haha

samboy said...

yo' momma is so cute! :) Can i share her? :) xxx

kittenesque said...

hehe we can has a mom swap :) for a week mwahaha, how fun!!!!
also, my cpatcha for this comment is BALLINGL lolllllers