Monday, May 25, 2009

..>> lollerskates <<..

this is charlotte jenkins... charlotte jenkins bullied me for a year and a half before i moved back into the private school system. charlotte jenkins used to call me the ugliest girl ever born. now, i don't mean to speak ill of my sex ( i lie... i do) but charlotte jenkins has always ALWAYS looked like this, and i have to say... she's fucking munter! there, i said it! the only reason she was even remotely popular, and even then it was just with guys, was because she was the school bike. she had more baby batter in her than a freaking spermatorium! i find great solace that a) i've slept with less men in my whole life then she has done in one night (i know this to be fact) and b) she ended up with a bloke, who is supposedly so enamored and excited to be married to her, he had to get pissed on special brew at their reception.
charlotte jenkins certainly has the life she deserves *smug*
ps, the slightly askew cheapo tiara is aprticular classy touch... don't you agree? rofl

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mahuahua said...

she's obviously a cunt.and in a bad way.