Tuesday, November 4, 2008

..>> please vote <<..

i'm a nervous wreck right now.

and the trees cried obama
and the bees buzzed obama
and the seas swelled obama
and the pleas yelled obama
and the hole in the sky
and the birds who couldn’t fly
and the llamas and the mamas
and the venutians and the martians
and the babies and the saviors
and the darklings and the starlings
and the ghosts of the slaves
and the bears and the wolves
and the hungry and the homeless
and the broken and the hopeless
and the soldiers who’d been lied to
and the home buyers who’d been lied to
and the investors who’d been lied to
and the consumers who’d been lied to
and the new born and the dying
and the ancestors who’d been crying
as they saw the constitution
stained like oil upon the water
yes they all said obama
yes we all said obama
and obama listened
as he had been listening
trying to hear each single voicein the sea of voices
since the beginning

like obama, are you hearing?
like obama, are you listening?

vote november 4, 2008 make history
save america

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