Sunday, May 10, 2009

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a little diddy :

i am lacing up my eyes,
so that i cannot see you.
i am buttoning my mind,
so that you cannot enter.
i am zipping up my heart,
so that you cannot touch it.
but what i want
what i need
is for you to undo me.

i was supposed to go to the beach yesterday, and unfortunately 10 minutes before schedueled departure, i get a phone call that angela has to go to fort myers to pick up some mounted wall/photo thing greg had gotten her for mothers day. i won't lie, it bummed me out :( i do however, end up tagging along for that. since it's just the two of us (greg went down to the junkyard to procure parts for his 'stang) it was nice and chill. the place where she had to pick up her present, had MILLIONS of leopard print goodies. i was in excitement overdrive. i wish leopard print wasn't so freakin popular now though. damn the masses to hades!!!!!

from there we just mooched around a few stores angela wanted to go into. i, being of NO money, was subjected to window shopping. which was crucial as i just wanted to buy loads of stuff. ahhh, the torture. ghetto acid wash booty shorts are readily available, in neon colors no less, and it was just heartbreaking i had to let them go. my tacky ass was NOt impressed haha.
then we ended up going to this chinese resteraunt, which was filled to the brim with migrant mexican workers. seriously, when we walked in there was a hush and we both looked at each other with a creepy feeling. the food was shitteous and i resent having wasted the moola, only to get an MSG endused headache, which is still dull in my head.

it was nice to actually talk with her though, one on one, as usually one of her 4 kids is with us. it doesn't make for good conversation. today i learned her brother eric, who has been incarcerated most of his life, tried to kill her in a rage a few years back. that he is a perpetual girlfriend beater and prefers to be on crack/heroin than try to live clean. i geuss he has a sence of entitlement. he gets out, AGAIN, xmas day this year. 10 to 1 he'll be back in by new years haha
i'll never understand people :/
anyway, for your enjoyment a few stupid and inconsiquential photos!!!

i could use this for my re-enactments of radio raheeeeeed. a portable version of 'fight the power' will also be needed. thankyouplease
these flowers were so gorgeous!!! and the smell danced and lingered in my nose like a cacophny of faerie magic. nomz

took this special for samsam :)


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teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :) xxx

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