Saturday, May 9, 2009

..>> rabbit whispers <<..

i wacthed 'happy feet' last night. so cute, ahhh i love how commited animals can be to each other, while we, supposedly the most intelligent species lie, cheat and are totally apathetic towards most of the relationships we cultivate. true companionship is truely a lost art! disheartening. :(
so with that being stated, i'm going to segway to my friend todd. todd is... well he's awesome! i love the man, and being one of my closest male friends, it's hard for me to sit by and watch him be in the situation that he's in. though it is entirely of his own making. i'll start from the begining.

at 29, todd thought it would be a good idea too hook up with a 16 year old :/ and although as we get older, that difference is not so consequential, we all know that at that age, it is not a good idea. forget the whole statutory rape deal, it's more the maturity level and what one has in common i'm thinking. whitney, or the wrr as we call her, was a bit mature for her age... but being a virgin when they got together, it was inevitable (and i had mentioned it to him) that she would ultimately leave him to play the feild of dicks! fast forward a year and a half later and where are we?
yes you geussed... she's gone and todd is destroyed. this happened in october and the man is still a total and utter wreck about the whole thing, and it really is just getting to the point where i can't put up with it any longer. not because i don't care, as i do, but he has no inclination to help himself. he got fired from his job and openly admits he doesn't want to work. he has mental health appointments and hits shrooms the night before and doesn't make it... and all he does it complain. the man is being a total pussy. a serious big fat whore of a cunt! and i am at a loss in what to do,

i can only sit there and watch someone struggle in the murkyness for so long, when everyone is trying to help the dude out.
this is todd by the way:

so i've been dealing with his decline. he WAS supposed to come visit me a couple months back. stay with his folks on the other coast for a week, then he and i were going to hit it up jewstar style, but the douche bailed out and we only hung out for a day. coulda killed him :/ grrrrr to him i say! and really i am mad for purely selfish reasons.... i want my friend back. i miss him and the idiocy we had... motherfucker rarely even calls me these days and those conversations are strained between his threatening to kll himself and bad asian jokes. ahhhhh

i am going to the beach today with angela and greg. quite looking forward to that as we will be hiking a lovely 4 mile trail that has sea turtles lurking about and sunning themselves EEEEEEE smiley shelled creatures :)

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