Friday, May 15, 2009

..>> i may be a bit wrong <<..

the other day my lovely friend theo and i had gotten onto the subject of '2 girls 1 cup'... naturally it worked into being turned into body art... and ofcourse, i had to take it one step further and see if such a thing did infact exsist.
please don't judge me HAHAHAHA

also... i think it needs to be said, this guy is more likely than, in need of some personal grooming in his nether regions. but if he likes his girl to drop it like it's hot on his chest, i don't really think he's that bothered. actually, if she is willing to do that, i don't think a hairy nutsack in her mouth would bother her either. just sayin'



mahuahua said...

remember that man and the glass jar?fuck,it was disturbing...:S

kittenesque said...

ehehehe yeah we talked about that as well. i just remember the great allmight popping sound and then a river of blood HAHAHAHAHA ehhh, i bet he still walks like a duck to this day.
i mean, if you really want something huge up your ass atleast go for a coke bottle, not a bloody glass mason jar :/