Monday, May 18, 2009

..>> finallllly <<..

my muhfuggin toilet is fixed. sigh of fucking relief that! having wondered why my water bills have been excrutiatingly high, i figured out my toilet had a slow leak ( my powers of deduction heard a hissssssing sound late one night... nancy drew i knowwww). so even though greg managed to come over yesterday, i being the complete plumbing dunce that i am, had procured the wrong sized... floaty mc thingy mabobber. seriosuly, aren't these home depot working people supposed to know the size already? they must know our every neeed, i demand it of them now! anywho, he came back over today et voila! worky toilet.
i know longer have to use my mothers bathroom, which in all honesty, was a right pain in the ass at night. being on of those nudey type sleepers i had to get dressed everytime i had to pee. proper cafuffle that was :/
i felt kinda bad that i hurried greg and angela out of my house :$, but i'll bake them goodies to make up for it :D
i don't know if you recall, but i was going to bake cookies for my next door neighbour lady?! well i didn't bake her cookies, but i did give her half of the ginourmus mom's day carrot cake, on my nice white cake platter... which i have yet to receive back. i have seen her a few times since then and i'm really at a loss as to which point in time it's proper to ask for it back? i think this matter could use some decorum, as i hope she didn't think i was giving her the platter as a present :/ i'll have coco go over and steal it back for me maybe hehe.

in other news, it was the second or third annual portland zombie prom this past saturday! todd was supposed to go and give me all the juicy details, but yet again he bailed and i have to get pickings from other haggard creatures i try to avoid haha, but i must know what went down. i WAS supposed to go the very first time it occured, but my friend scott had bought my tickets out to pdx and got the dates wrong :( waaaahhhhhh. i also ended up getting the raging flugerms, so i guess it's just as well.
though i'm really kinda pissed i've been missing this as a) i love any excuse to get all scantily dressed WITH gore and full zombie prostetics and b) i have never been to any kind of formal dance in my life. you heard it folks, never ever :(
it's tragic i knowwww. i missed that part of my teenage years while living in england. so while all my friends here lament about shitty dresses and awkward dancing and gropeing, i'm left with years of angst and depression. joyous!

i WILL go next year thoough... i already have my zombie outfit planned out. yes i am either that awesome or that pathetic haha. the point is, i need to go to a dance already. i'm feeling very 'never been kissed' about it all O_o

so goregous!

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mahuahua said...

i've never been to a dance either!and on a less just american tradition not,i have never been to a house party either!i don't care though,i is a homebody like creature.parties just ain't me.
it's amazing how much you can miss simple things when they ain't working.yay for working toilets:)
and lastly,imagine little coco running back to yours with a platter on here little back.wonder if she'd be wearing a little black eye mask?xxxxx