Friday, May 15, 2009

..>> puddles of sweets <<..

over the past couple days i have been trying to hunt down goodies to send to maria and sam. well i might as well address you two directly as i am fairly certain you are the ones that read this dribble, and the only ones i write it for anyway HAHA

managed to get a few things, but not everything i had hoped. one item in particular is becoming the bane of my exsistace! baaaahhhhhh, and it should really be the simplest thing to get around here... well, semi easy anyway. i had them growing up and i loved them.
you'll never know :D haha
its exciting as i love sending and recieving things! the last person i sent stuff to was my friend robbie...

upon recieving the gifts he proceeded to eat loads haha! anyway, when my skype broke and he wanted to talk, i suggest he put a couple quid on it so he could call my house... which he refused to do. honestly, i was a bit hurt about that as i spent $120 i didnt have on shit for him and put it on my credit card. ehhh, i'm a bit too nice sometimes :( damn advantage taking peoples.

besides, he smells so nyah HAHA. but the important thing is, i am excited on gathering lvoely second hand goodies for my ladies weeeeee. and amerocan foody goodness. we will make you fat, it's what we does best lol

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mahuahua said...

ooooooooh wowwwww,that's amazing!i bloody love you i do!!!!and that boy smells....ungrateful boy :/