Sunday, October 19, 2008

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the fact that john mccain might be our next president, doesnt scare me half as much as the prospoect of sarah palin being our next vice president. cuz lets face it... in the end she'll be the one calling the shots. and that's something that is just to awful to fathom!

living in florida, you get used to the fact that there are religeous and christian extremists all around. you also get used to the fact, that these people are extreme right wing fuckheads! and i mean extreme. someone actually told me that our finiancial ruin and current state of affairs, is all due to bill clinton! WTF!!!!

firstly, let me remind you, that our country was in the black... way the fuck in the black when clinton was president! we were doing well in foreign affairs and policies. all was well with the world...for the most part.

secondly, don't let the fact that he had an affair cloud your vision! dude got laid! that has no reflection on his ability to govern people and run a country. one's personal life has nothing to do with one's professional life. it seriously ercks me when people try and use THAT as an excuse.

neither obama or mccain support gay marriage, which is a bummer, as it is in my opinion that who you love is who you love. how you play is up to you. but obama supports equal civil rights for gay couples! why wouldnt anyone? *ahemstupidchristiansahem* i'm sorry mr man, you take it up the ass, therefore you are dirty and dont deserve the same rights as others.

75% of the women i know take it up the ass, and all men dig blowjobs... so there you have it. we're pretty much all gay and therefore no-one deserves any civil rights whatsoever. glad we sorted that out.

shut the fuck you ignorant, wrinkled turkeybrains!!!! stop being so scared and open up your eyes! take of your blinders and see that the youth of today is more than capable of making competant decisions when it comes to our future.

furthermore, if someone else tells me that mccain is a maverick i just might have to commint genocide on a minor scale. if another woman tells me that palin is wonderful and deserves our vote because she is a woman, i will have to commence acts of violence on my own sex.

palin, is scary. her knowledge of foreign policy is scary. to attitude is even scarier. she stands for everything i am against.

she hunts, i'm involved in animal rights.
she is anti abortion, i am prooooo choice.
she is anti gun control. i am for it.
anti gay marriage. for it
she pushes for ethic reform. shut the fuck up you dumb hick bitch
and on and on and on.

sorry for the crude language, but there are no polite words to convey my distaste for this woman. volunteering on the pta and taking down caribou with a custom built rifle, does not a descent candidate make!
so until the election, with our future unknown, i'll be losing sleep.

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