Friday, October 24, 2008

..>> endangered <<..

yes, i'm searching
it only takes a glance for me to know
are the eyes reptilian?do they not meet mine?
do they flit away to check the girls?
a single sniff
bad cologne? cigarettes? secrets?
the tone in a voice
sarcasm? judgment? open wounds?
still i pretend and go along
as if maybe i'm wrong
but loss and time have made my senses sharp
like an endangered beast

yes, i'm restless
i imagine you every day
i look for you religiously
people tell me i can't find you this way
but what other choice is there?
to sit and wait for you to find me?
my legs never stop moving
even in my dreams

yes i'm intense
last night i put a picture of a man
under my pillow
trying to dream you
instead i dreamed the brown-eyed beauty
who was shot in columbia
trying to save rain forests
but you are somewhere, so alive it makes me weep

yes i'm loved but lonely
are you ever lonely too, among the pretty girls?
do you think—oh, she's a little different and i'll find her
we'll go to a yoga class together
sweat a lot, then eat brunch at the café?
i'll read her books, i'll write her
she'll come to my gigs and dance
afterwards we'll intertwine all night
not separate until we finally find the hidden secret of who we really are?

are your senses sharpened from loss and time
so that you can recognize my eyes
gazing green through hours and rooms?
so that you can smell my musk vanilla lavender
so that you can hear the warmth and sorrow in my throat?
maybe your senses are sharper than mine
maybe you're the beast
and i'm the thing that saves you from your hunger
maybe i can stop searching dreaming running
maybe you'll find me

i went to goodwill yesterday and got a pair of ankle fringe moccasins for $1.99 HA. the woman only charged me half price cuz she's a hippy and loves the stuff i buy. :D
we talk about my fashion choices often! and it makes me secretly happy, that somwehere in this desolate town of wiggers and hillbillies, someone appreciates my punk rock hobo couture! <3

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