Monday, October 20, 2008

..>> torera <<..

there's a bullfight in my cunt
the bull thrusts his horns in my abdomen
flowers of blood run down my thighs.

he tears down walls, knapsacks eggs.

month after you month
you slaughter all the strength in my body.
leaving my legs weakened stilts,
my feet too awkward to walk on.

there's a bullfight in my cunt
and it doesn't seem to be letting up.
a garden of roses at my feet
i stand in the bathroom, your hot breath
sweating thru my body.
and then the relief of porcelain
a cool breath to wash me down,
but once again you drag me to another part of the house.
leaving me,
smelling wooden floor,
lying fetal postion
whiteness against my abdomen.

i cradle my defeated woman
while you lick blood from your hooves.

so if you can't already tell, i'm in alot of pain! i made these:

and i ate all of them. the greedy girl creature that i am. also, i miss the companionship of a significant other. i've been alone for far too long, and although it was of my own choosing... i think it's about time i open the cage. or at the very least sit close enough to the bars so that someone can hear my song.

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