Saturday, October 25, 2008

..>> mcgopher <<..

has anyone ever noticed that john mccain bares a striking resemblance to the gopher from winnie the pooh???

so firstly, i made it to early voting FINALLY! the fact i live in a state that offers early voting is awesome. i only had to wait 30 SECONDS lol. i don't know if it's where i live, but i hope that more people actually turn out to vote on November 4th. it was stated that a 3rd of americans would turn out for early voting, that cleary wasn't reflected in this town :(
there's a girl in macy's called erica, she's 21... and was too lazy to register to vote. and when i asked her why, her reponce was an infuriating 'it doesn't really matter if i vote'.
needless to say, i had to leave otherwise rather wuickly when i found out that little gem.

how did i vote you ask? well durrrrrrrr O-BIDEN and NO ON 2!!!!!!

found out my dad actually vote yes on 2, later to deny he said as much... after i laid down the facts that not only was it about gay civil rights, but the elderly, his grandchildren... and everyone. and unfortuantely, my mom, a legal alien, is unable to vote :/

secondly, i've been living here for 3 years now. and in that 3 years (not including traveling out of state to visit friends) i've been out all of... wait for it... 4 times, maybe? i've only made 1 'friend' here, and really... it's all down to me. since in all honesty, i can't fathom anyone being here that i could relate to, on the slightest level.
i'm surrounded by uneducated, ill-mannered, uninteresting, untraveled morons who are happy spending their whole life in this little homeostatic bubble.
i would like to preface that, by saying before living here, i lived in europe for 10 years. i was a big fish in a small ocean/minor local celebrity and was out atleast 5 nights a week (from 16-18 i was out 7 nights a week, every week. yikes)
i've lived on 3 continents and had traveled to over 20 countries by the time i was 20.
people here have barely left the city, let alone the state. so depressing!
dear portland, i'm coming home soon!

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